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Stanford Design Consulting: Ashburn Interior Design

Are you ready to design the home you've always dreamed of in the perfect location for you and your family?

Stanford Design Consulting understands creating your dream home is a big deal (and an even bigger investment). That’s why we're committed to making sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

We work with homeowners, contractors, and builders throughout the design process


Is Ashburn, Virginia a Good Place to Live?

The scenic and cultural suburb of Ashburn, Virginia is perfect for families and young professionals.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of DC, Ashburn offers a suburban feel. But don’t worry, you won't feel isolated. Ashburn is still close enough to the shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, and parks.

If you're looking for the "New England" feel outside of New England, Ashburn is the suburb for you. You'll find styles of New England architecture – including old-fashioned Colonial. From two-story and single-family houses to apartments and condos... there's something for everyone in this family-friendly community.


Kitchen Design

It's said the "kitchen is the heart of the home". So, let's make sure the heart of your home is the ideal space to host your friends and family.

Whether you desire extra cooking space or more storage, our team of interior designers will help you maximize your space –– and functionality! We’ll work with you to bring your dream kitchen to life.


New Construction &

Home Renovation Interior Design

You've found the best location in Ashburn (Congratulations!). Before even breaking ground on your new home, we work with the builders so you can take it easy. It's no secret home renovations have a reputation of overwhelming. That's why our experienced designers are there for you throughout the entire process.

At Stanford Design Consulting, we help take the stress out of design decisions. It’s our goal to make this an easy, stress-free process for you!

We’ll answer questions and handle the time-consuming decisions that come with new constructions and home renovations.

Virtual Design Consultation

Whether you have questions for our professional designers or are ready to get started, we’re here to chat!

Discuss your plans with one of our expert interior designers. It's important to us that you feel comfortable and confident before committing to any design choices.

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What You Can Expect from Our Design Process

We understand no two projects are alike. That's why we like to start off the consultative process with a discovery call.

Done over the phone or via video, we’ll:


  • Discuss your expectations.

  • Determine your goals.

  • Learn your design style.

  • Follow up with an outline and timeline.

The next step is the really exciting part (both for you and our designers!). This is where you'll see your project start to take shape through 3-D renderings, sketches, and color schemes.

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Premier Interior Designer in Ashburn: Julie Shaheen

We'd like to introduce you to Julie Shaheen!

Julie has an unparalleled passion for design and transforming spaces.

Julie strives to work with you to ease the stress that comes with design decisions. Her main goal is to make a functional living space that reflects your personality.

Having a passion for design throughout her life, Julie studied Interior Design with Rhodec International in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Julie Shaheen is as invested in the outcome of your project as you are! If you're looking for an interior designer with a collaborative mindset, Julie is here for you!

Call or book online and be on your way to designing the home of your dreams.

Ashburn Awaits

Are you ready to plant your roots in a safe, family-oriented, fast-growing community? Stanford Design Consulting would feel honored to be a part of your design journey!

Our team works with you from the initial strategy to the end result. We strive to understand your needs, style, and learn what is most important to you and your dream home.

Ready to get started?

Contact us for a discovery call or book online!

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