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Charleston, South Carolina Interior Design Services

At Stanford Design Consulting, we understand bringing your dream home to life is a big investment. That’s why we work with homeowners, contractors, and builders throughout the design process! Making sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish so you have to don’t worry about a thing.


What is Charleston Known For?

When you hear of Charleston, South Carolina, you can’t help but sing, Charleston, Charleston… made in Carolina! But the city isn’t just known for its song and dance.


Charleston is a top travel destination –– and with good reason! From fresh seafood to gorgeous harbor views, and historic charm...


Grab some renowned gumbo from one of the local waterfront restaurants. Or explore the history and culture, from museums to historic architecture. There’s plenty to do in South Carolina’s oldest –– and largest –– city.


And Charleston-style homes are nothing shy of special. Be sure to check out “Rainbow Row” located on East Bay Street.


The eye-catching row of pastel-colored historic homes is one of the city’s most iconic sites. Making a unique backdrop for engagements and weddings photos.


Home Renovation Design Services

Are you ready to find that perfect house where you can settle down and call it home? 


At Stanford Design Consulting, we take the stress out of redesign to create a home that fits your lifestyle. From determining floor plans to drawing pre-construction plans… 


Our professional interior designers work with you to bring your vision to life.


Have an idea for your dream kitchen or luxury bathroom? Let your creativity flow! Our team will do the rest.

Home Renovation Design

The established neighborhoods in Northern Virginia also offer homeowners the chance to let their creativity shine through home renovations.  Our team specializes in home renovation design, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations.  Let our team help you choose flooring, cabinetry, lighting, hardware, and paint.  We also assist in floor plan redesign to make the space work perfectly for your lifestyle.

New Construction Interior Design

We understand the hard, time-consuming decisions that come with new builds. That’s what we’re here for! Instead of worrying about decorating and budgets, leave it to the professionals. 


We’ll help answer your questions and create the perfect design to meet your “must-haves”.


Defining your vision and your budget, we'll be your counsel along the way. Ensuring your dream home successfully comes.


Virtual Interior Design Consultation

Whether you’re ready to dive in or are looking for reassurance, talk with one of our professional designers.


At Stanford Design Consulting, we want you to feel comfortable and confident before committing to design choices. Discuss your plans with one of our expert Interior Designers and put your mind at ease.


During our design consult, we’ll help you plan to maximize your space and functionality.


In your home or on your screen, our designers are here through all the design details!


What You Can Expect from Our Design Process

Every client is different. That’s what we kick off the consultative process with a discovery call.


Done over the phone or via video, we’ll:

  • Determine your goals.

  • Discuss your expectations.

  • Learn your design style.

  • Follow up with an outline and timeline.

In the next phase, see your project come to life through 3-D renderings, sketches, and color schemes.


Whether you’re sourcing the contractor or trade experts of your choice or we are providing suggested contacts... your design plan starts here.

You'll Love Living in Charleston

Are you ready to live to build a future in one of the friendliest cities in America?


From the initial strategy session to the final outcome, Stanford Design Consulting is there for you every step of the way on your design journey.


Ready to get started? Contact us for a discovery call today!

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Premier Interior Designer in Charleston: Julie Shaheen

Meet Julie Shaheen!


Julie has an eye for transforming spaces. When it comes to expressing your individuality and maintaining functionality, her passion shines!


Julie is equally invested in the outcome of your project. To ease the burden of design decision-making, she builds a collaborative relationship.


Working together to turn your design aspirations into a solid plan of action.


Julie studied Interior Design with Rhodec International in Brighton, United Kingdom.


Call or book online and be on your way to discovering the home you love.

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