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Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home, having a functional, stylish space is of the utmost importance. And while these design elements are definitely having a moment, they’re classic enough to have staying power. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or simply in search of a little home decor eye candy, read on to discover the kitchen trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this year.

Backsplash - Tile versus Slab

Kitchen design is about marring with functionality. Opting for a slab over the more traditional tiled backsplash will not only lend a luxe look to your space but provides a durable, easily maintained backdrop for your culinary pursuits.

A New Look for the Pantry

Countertop pantries, or upper cabinets that sit directly on the countertop, are gaining in popularity in larger kitchens. These countertop catchalls allow for taller cabinetry, extra storage, and even the newly minted appliance garages (a place to hide appliances that once lived on your countertops) that are uber functional and popular at the moment. Not only are they visually appealing but they also serve to break up a space, solving a lot of layout issues that can arise in a kitchen.

No Island?

Having a freestanding ‘furniture’ island is a great way to infuse personality into a kitchen. We are seeing a lot with vintage tables, or new tables with a design with look to the past. This achievable trend lends flexibility to your kitchen design. By using a piece of furniture, rather than a permanently placed island, you can not only change the configuration of your kitchen with relative ease but also have the option to change out the piece of furniture completely whenever new inspiration hits.

Lets Shake It Up

Shaker cabinets, identified by the wide frame with the inset panel, have been a design staple in kitchens for years, so much so it has almost become a design afterthought.This is a classic style now has a modern twist, thanks to more contemporary options like thinner frames or beveled edges..

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