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  • Julie Shaheen

How to Style Your Coffee Table


It’s surprising what a little rearranging can do to change the way you experience your interiors, and as we enter the warm-weather season, now is an excellent time to update areas of your home where we spend a significant amount of time and that present an opportunity to reflect our current mindset. Since the coffee table is a prime place to start, we put some tips together for putting a spring your step.

Don't Overthink It!

Changing your coffee table décor seasonally keeps your home feeling fresh. The changes can be as simples as using floral arrangements for the season or changing out an object or two for the time of year.

Begin With A Tray

It’s always a good idea to establish a foundation for your coffee table with a tray. In addition, to creating interest, a tray also has practical implications, for placement of remotes and other accessories. Obviously, trays come in many shapes and sizes. It’s best to choose a tray that has a different shape and/or material from the table it sits on to add a visual interest.

Remember That Books Are Essential

Every coffee table needs at least one large book – preferable two or three. The books you choose can also reflect your person interest and they can mimic the seasons in terms of their color palettes. Spring and Summer books may have pinks, greens and blues on the spins and covers and Fall and Winter books tend to be more neutral and deeper blue tones. Books play an important role in helping to arrange items so they are not as the same eye level. Creating various degrees in height with books and other items allows your eye to wonder. You may want to place an object on a stack of books to create the different layers.

Keep Kids In Mind

While the perfect coffee table may be the goal that’s not always the way real life works with kids and pets. Keep the styling simple with books and non-breakable objects. If pets are in the household, take extra care in choosing plants and florals that are nontoxic as coffee tables are generally pet height.

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