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Reston, Virginia Interior Design Services

Are you ready to design the home of your dreams?


At Stanford Design Consulting, we specialize in working with clients in Reston, Virginia.


We understand the stages of the interior design process can be intimidating. That's why we work with homeowners from start to finish. Our interior designers will take you from overwhelmed to excited in no time!


What is Reston, Virginia Known For?

Fun fact: Reston is one of the best places to live in Virginia and in the United States!


Their motto is "Live, Work, Play" – and rightfully so. The urban community has become a major attraction for visitors and residents alike.


The Town Center is home to corporate skyscrapers of world-class businesses. And it’s also known for its delicious restaurants, boutique fashion, and other amenities (such as an ice skating during the winter).


If you're looking for a place to make connections and lifelong memories Reston is the place for you.


Home Renovation Design

With Stanford Design Consulting, we make creating a home that ticks all your boxes feel easy. Our team of experienced interior designers can make your vision of a perfect home come to life.


We are your strategic partner in a variety of home renovations (kitchen and bathroom are our specialties). We take the stress out of the hard redesign decisions and create a home to fit your lifestyle.

New Construction Interior Design

We understand the excitement and freedom that comes with new builds. Especially with opportunities to build in areas within walking distance of Reston's amenities!


Let us handle the time-consuming decisions that come with new constructions. Before breaking ground on your new home, we work with the builders. We aim to ensure everything goes off without a hitch so you don't have to worry.

Virtual Interior Design Consultation

Put your mind at ease before locking into a design choice. Discuss your plans with one of our seasoned professional interior designers.


During our design consultation, get reassurance that you are on the right track. Let us help you plan a cohesive look to maximize your space and function of your most lived-in spaces. 


In your home or on your screen, we’re here to talk you through every design detail. It's our goal to make your Reston home a place that reflects your lifestyle and personal taste.


What to Expect: Our Design Process

We strive to make our design process easy and efficient. Each project starts off with a discovery call (done over the phone or video conferencing tool!).


After our consultation, we'll have a better understanding of the scope of your project. We’ll then outline our design intent, propose a timeline and detail our terms and conditions.

Now for the fun part. You'll see your project start to take shape as we dive deeper into your design (with 3-D rendering, sketches, and color scheme).


Whether you’re sourcing the contractor or trade experts of your choice or we are providing suggested industry contacts...the execution of your design plan begins here.

Ready to Be a Reston Resident?

Stanford Design Consulting has years of experience working with interior designers and we would be happy to take on your next design project with you.


Our team is there from the initial strategy to the final outcome. Working closely with you to understand your needs, style, and what matters most to you.

Contact us for a discovery call or book online!

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Premier Interior Designer in Reston: Julie Shaheen

Julie Shaheen has an undeniable passion for transforming spaces. She works with you to ease the burden of design decision-making. Ensuring your space reflects your personality while maintaining functionality.


Having a passion for design throughout her life, Julie followed her dreams. She went on to study Interior Design with Rhodec International in Brighton, United Kingdom.


Julie Shaheen is a designer who's as invested in the outcome of your project as you are! She is ready to help turn your design dreams into a reality. 


Are you?


Call or book online and be on your way to discovering the home you love.

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