Tailor-Made Beauty

We are your strategic partner in a variety of home renovations. 


Choose from one of our design packages:

  • Kitchen Design

  • Main Area Design

  • Bedroom Room Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Paint Selection

  • Floor Selection

You may choose to work with the contractor or trade experts of your choice. Or we can help you find the perfect individual to bring the design plan to fruition with our extensive industry contacts.

Billed as a flat rate package



Tailor-Made Beauty

New home builds allow you the freedom to create a home tailored for you, but they come with a lot of time-consuming decisions. Stanford Design Consulting offers the following services for homeowners:


Owner representation

We help defend your vision and budget in person during home walk-throughs or showroom visits. We’re your advocate if you don’t have the time or resources to be there personally.

Allowance management

If your home builder uses allowances for material selections, we can help guide your decisions for use of the allowance budget for products and services.

Pre-construction design plans

Prior to breaking ground on your new home, we will work with the builder and/or architect to ensure your dream home is achieved.

Billed as a case-by-case block of time determined by project scope. Minimum of 2 hours.



Personalized Attention

Simply looking to bounce ideas off of a professional designer and get reassurance that you’re on the right track? Before being locked into design choices we serve as a sounding board for your ideas. Let us help you plan a cohesive look and maximize the space and function of your most lived-in spaces. 


Billed as a case-by-case block of time determined by project scope. Minimum of 2 hours.